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For a quick check of your inner feelings or an extensive overview of a question in your life, the tarot can provide insight and alternative ideas to consider. Let these ancient symbols vibrate with your mind to produce a new harmony in your spirit!

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The One Card Reading

one card tarot Everyone loves a quickie! Use this One Card Spread to meditate on a single idea. Or learn the significance of the Tarot one card at a time.

Past, Present & Future

past present future tarot Discover the causes of a question, your present situation and the likely outcome. Like a magic eight ball on steroids!

The Celtic Cross Reading

celtic cross tarot For an in-depth analysis of a major question. Take your time and let the Tarot speak to your inner feelings with this classic spread.

What is the Tarot?

The Tarot is a deck of seventy eight cards that have been used for centuries to provide insight into the daily happenings of people. The deck consists of two parts: The Major Arcana which are 22 picture cards that portray the life journey of a person. And the Minor Arcana which are 54 cards divided into four suits similar to modern playing cards.

Can the Tarot Predict the Future?

Hey! They're just pieces of cardboard. How can 78 cards know the destiny of all mankind? And yet, very often a Tarot spread will show you a problem you've been pondering and its solution or the path that you should consider taking next or... well, the future! How does the Tarot read your heart and show you the way?

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