What's your SIGN? No matter. Here's how the Sun, Moon and Planets might influence your week. You always have free will to determine your destiny. But perhaps some insight from the stars will aid in your decicions about Love, Money, Work or ? Free Weekly Horoscope Monday

What's your SIGN? Here's how the Sun, Moon and Planets might influence decicions about Love, Money, Work or ?


cunning  Capricorn

Free Weekly Horoscope for
Monday 26th of February

Stick to the light side...

Capricorn, is the routine getting to you? Monday and Tuesday are giving some wonderful opportunities to advance your status. Those of you seeking new employment or jobs will hit the jackpot this week.

As we get to Wednesday and Thursday there's less stress. Of course, don't let this keep you from being extremely thorough in your work. It's really important to tackle projects ASAP, avoiding a larger pile at the end of the week.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday has your head back with the family and loved ones. Focus there and you'll be good to go. The Universe is favoring home and the intimate relationships now; making it a good time to let those special people know exactly how important they are to you. Go as far as your money allows!

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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