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victorious  Virgo

Week of  Monday 19th of August

Don't Butt In.

Monday all your hard work will pay off. An expected bonus or special monetary gift will highlight you week, Virgo. And you were feeling invisible! Look again, who is really getting noticed now? The higher ups didn't miss a thing.

Hump day brings businesses to a bit huge slow down, or complete stop. No need to be alarmed, it's just the nature of the beast. After this, you'll know why you needed to relax. Hold on tight for a couple of strange days coming up. You're in a mystery/thriller and need all your wits about you.

By Friday you'll be able to patch up any problems that linger. Saturday is a good time for chilling out and taking stock of your current situation. You can ask your significant other to join you and give his or her input, particularly on decisions that affect both of you.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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