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stunning  Scorpio

Week of  Monday 2nd of December

Embrace New Projects.

Count your blessings, and your money carefully. Scorpio you're ready to go crazy shopping. Stop! You know how much you can afford or cannot. Join the club and be reassured we all suffer from the same financial stress. Of course, early this week, if you asked to hear about a business or a way to increase your income, luck in on your side. Go to the convention or workshop. You may find your dream job!

Although you are more light-hearted, Wednesday, you do believe in talking about your feelings honestly. Thursday, you'll find yourself tied up with some feelings of confusion regarding your love life. Hang in there.

Thursday and Friday it's love, love, love! You can share your most romantic self with a significant other; or meet a new and special friend with your charm. Saturday spend it with young people, or pets. Sunday is about fun -- a great time for an outing with the family.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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