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superb  Sagittarius

Week of  Monday 24th of June

Complete Your Mundane Tasks.

You're the God/Goddess of talk now, Sagittarius. If you're single, be careful, your consistent conversation will attract some superficial people. If you have a significant other, this could cause some strife at home. Be honest, say what you mean - Don't explain. Don't complain. Monday is a bit tough. Attend to the details and the evening will much better.

Thus, coming into midweek, love becomes the keyword. These exciting changes increase your energy and you feel you can do anything. And, for the most, you can! Be clear and open in your conversations. Others will find it endearing.

By Friday, you may feel down. Try and get a grip. Saturday will be exciting and fun! Let those special people know exactly how important they are to you. Sunday, go as far as your money allows and treat family! A day trip may be just what everyone needs.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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