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sagacious  Sagittarius

Week of  Monday 2nd of December

Re-evaluate Your Future.

You can make changes on Monday, Sagittarius. Take a step in the unknown if offered. If you're not quite ready, do some serious inquiring on Monday and Tuesday to see if the change is advantageous.

You could still be a bit moody by Wednesday. Cheer up by doing something fun, for yourself, or with a positive friend or two. Avoid watching news and stick to comedy and upbeat programs and activities.

On the weekend, hang with your trusted friends. They adore you and you adore them, right? You have such a support team you will be asking yourself why you didn't ask their advice earlier this week. They really understand you and know exactly what to do -- a lot of the time. Be creative with them and do something fun.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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