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principled  Pisces

Week of  Monday 2nd of December

Communication Is The Only Answer.

Pisces, you'll be feeling uplifted on Monday. This emits from your soul and people are instantly attracted. Now, don't let this adoration go to your head too much, though. Follow your natural instincts to be helpful and really give your all where you need to. Should you have new ideas, higher-ups will listen to you! This week also brings you gain which has been due to you.

Wednesday and Thursday you're back to your social self. You need the camaraderie and a chance to spill out your complaints or heart's desire. Even light fun shooting pool and sharing a brew or two can ease your burden.

Late in the week, be a teacher or best friend when asked for your opinion. Your guidance is needed. Rest assured no one is angry with you, they do care, no matter how it seems. Saturday and Sunday you have permission to love yourself and be kind to you. You will also watch others and even feel yourself growing spiritually. It will appear sudden.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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