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Week of  Monday 18th of June

Love Yourself.

Tried and true, Pisces -- Those are your keywords this week. Finish any projects you've begun and avoid taking on anything you haven't yet. Early in the week will be challenging; delays and frustration abound. You, of course, are the one everyone calls to get it done and finished quickly; and you are able. Just do it! Try not to let it overwhelm you into illness.

Midweek you'll feel a wave of strength, but you won't be quite sure what to do with it. It's not quite time to fix it all - make a note (a real one) and add it to the list of things to be dealt with in the near future.

Having so much love coming towards you is enhancing all your life. Be sure to keep the love and business separate, though or you could have undue stress. If it's interrupting your thoughts at the office, go for a quick jog. Physical activity will relieve stress. Saturday and Sunday is just better and better for your new or renewed relationship.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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