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principled  Pisces

Week of  Monday 21st of October

Seek Your Bliss - Wherever it takes You.

Pisces, early this week ... love is the highlight and the focus. Perhaps it's an office romance? Either way, this euphoria of loving and being loved will fill your soul and you'll walk on air.

You're best bet is do the best you can, until it eases down after hump day. Also avoid overlapping plans and then blowing them all off. You will offend someone, or worse, lose a job or client. Keep a daybook on hand and mark all appointments.

The good news, this week is not lost; by Saturday and Sunday it will be like a breath of fresh air when everyone is in the mood for fun and togetherness. Keep it light and just enjoy the time with family and friends. Forget about all the problems and just be together.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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