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lonesome  Libra

Week of  Monday 24th of June

Let love rule and be spontaneous in it.

Libra, be ready to do business Monday. In fact, you are quite the savvy business genius all the way through Wednesday. Others will say that, even if you don't see it. You can do no wrong!

Facing any little problems will show you how unnecessary it was to worry. Midweek you shine, as usual, at social gatherings. You are quite the star, Libra, anyway. Use it to your advantage simply by relaxing and enjoying it all.

Friday, you'll be ready for a luscious time with a special someone! Saturday, a relationship can become more permanent. Marriages are favored this weekend, too! A romantic getaway to a Bed and Breakfast can liven up a relationship that is growing a big routine on Sunday.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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