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Week of  Monday 19th of August

Seek Meditation and Quiet Strength.

Leo, many signs are getting the same message this week. You need to consider the opinion of others! You draw people to you, as usual, on Monday and Tuesday, and will have rough moments if you refuse to listen.

Thursday, do not act out during your low moods - you'll regret it later. Do you really want this? This person? This job? Think about all your options to keep your mind busy. Exercise is also recommended. Activity can alleviate emotional lows.

Saturday asks you to continue to stay close to home. If you must go out, consider the neighborhood park or street fair. Sunday is perfect for art museums or a movie outing, preferably an inspirational or uplifting film would do your soul good. Another fun activity would be treating yourself to a massage or day spa.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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