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Week of  Monday 18th of June

Keep Family Members Close.

Wow, Leo! You are the star this week! Even more than Leo. Monday will be all about you, too. You're beaming with energy and attraction and can really bank on it. Ask for what you want in all aspects of life. You can have the whole week booked with romantic dates, and get a new position at the office. This is definitely not a time to stay close to home! Go out, have fun!

By Wednesday, you will be well on your way to bigger and better! Self-employed natives need to network more and gain lots of new clients. Thursday be the social person you are and gather friends for some fun.

By Friday your sweet nature will be back and you patch up any problems. You'll also come to the realization that you're missing some facts on a new project. Saturday and Sunday is good for chilling out and taking stock of your current situation and opportunities.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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