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capricious  Capricorn

Week of  Monday 22nd of April

Analyze the past to enjoy the present.

Work will probably start out very hectic, Capricorn. There are some upsets and misunderstandings. You must remain calm and keep an open mind and open door. Communication is the answer and will be sorely needed all week.

The only real issue this week may come Wednesday. You have a bit of detective in you and could find out some long-held company secrets. Keep it to yourself. Is it any of your business anyway?

Friday there's also some discord on the home front. Is it getting old? Muddle through as best as you can and it can be settled for all involved. The keyword is "compromise". The weekend will be better and should be used to relax and a few details at home (i.e. balancing the checkbook).

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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