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cunning  Capricorn

Week of  Monday 2nd of December

Organize the office and home...

Keep everyone sharp early in the week, Capricorn -- there will be a definite lag in energy on Monday and Tuesday. You'll be energized by your efforts, and will be able to share that energy with your peers and underlings.

You can make progress as the week continues. Time to make some life changes, in fact. A great time to get married, or take on a new client. Both big steps, in different ways. For some, you can also start a training program; it will pay off.

Expect some new developments as the workweek ends. You're very close to accomplishing a cherished goal, too. This just makes life better, plus gives you the energy needed to finish up your work. The weekend may be a working weekend; yet, you're mood is at an all-time high! Enjoy it!

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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