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compassionate  Cancer

Week of  Monday 16th of April

New Opportunities Come Around.

Do you think that your employees are as honest as you are, Cancer? Yes they are, if you really practice what you preach. Are you being truthful, too? Then truthful people surround you. Should others bother you too much on Monday, make direct or obvious ploys to let others know you want to be left alone. By Tuesday, your actions will produce a financial or title change, giving you more clout.

By Wednesday be peaceful and calm. If you've been following the advice I've given before, continue to make lists of things you need to do and what you want to do. Concentrate on one day at a time to keep stress levels lower. Thursday keep checking in and work on not over-reacting.

Stress is your enemy and you are allowing it to build up. Go inside Saturday --inside yourself -- do some meditation. You may choose to do some work at home. It's a great idea if you feel up to it. Sunday do quiet work, i.e. journaling, organizing photos and files.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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