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caring  Cancer

Week of  Monday 15th of October

Communication Is the Only Progress.

On Monday, Cancer, you won't complete any work if you do it alone. Yes, you feel it's the best idea you've ever had, nevertheless, it takes a village. Either get a small army behind you, or hold it for another time.

By Wednesday, you may be more inclined toward intellectual pursuits (i.e. research, studying a new field) and expanding your world even more. While you're studying, you will gain some insight into your romantic life. Do what your heart tells you.

Try to keep up this feeling as it makes the day go faster, and work seems easier. As Friday rolls around, you get even more serious. Unmarried people consider settling down -- and it's a good time to do so! The weekend is all about partnerships, too. Plan a beautiful future together and book the church!

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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