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ambitious  Aries

Week of  Monday 19th of February

Go With Your Gut Feelings.

Monday and Tuesday you'll need to focus, Aries. Don't waste your time or energy on situations that are not working. Move on and away from dead-end relationships and jobs.

This energy will be with you through the week, too. You will want to try new things or do something risky you've never tried before. Again, go for it! As midweek approaches you want to consider really deciding how to channel and focus all this power and good luck. Invest in some fun risky stocks or something really wild, like producing an independent film! How about it?

Hold your tongue, especially in writing formats (i.e. e-mail) on Friday. Singles find new opportunities to renew or start relationships. Involved? Make an effort to be more honest and caring. Saturday, if you're heart is not in it, set them free. If it is, make it permanent!

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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