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adorable  Aquarius

Week of  Monday 19th of February

Be Social and Communicate Clearly.

You'll be expecting some new additions to the family this week, Aquarius. Be patient and accepting of a new person. There will some beginning of a few little upheavals, too, starting early on. It's not as bad as it may appear. Stay calm.

As the week progresses, the stress eases and there's less to worry about. Nevertheless, don't let this stop you from being thorough in your work. It's really important to finish projects so you don't have a larger pile at the end of the week.

As Thursday rolls around, you sew up loose ends. Cash in on favors. There won't be too much pushing needed. Friday and Saturday notice -- you have good friends and they are happy to lend a hand where they can. Sunday, don't hesitate to ask for any help needed.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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