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99 seconds gmae show
submitted by: zopy
The game is one of the best games for children to sharp
Dog and Cat
submitted by: AnnMarie
Very funny! fat cat & cute dog playing
Squirrel Fights Crow
submitted by: AnnMarie
Amazing Squirrel Fights off Crows - Protects Dead Friend
Bruce Lee Ping Pong
submitted by: Chuckie
Bruce Lee plays Ping Pong with nunchucks
Scarface Parody
submitted by: underwater8
spoof on scarface
Side Show Mel
submitted by: Marcus
OUCH! 96 year old side show performer
Meals on Heels
submitted by: Jamie
Gundarr episode
Humanoid Robots
submitted by: tallwill
Watch these humanoid robots fight. Amazing
submitted by: Chuckie
Yes that is right jewelry is better
ONC BabyONC Baby
submitted by: KarenSue
Where did this guy come from???
Hidden BabyHidden Baby
submitted by: midnight
Look close see if you can find the hidden baby!
Homemade JackHomemade Jack
submitted by: AnnMarie
Hopefully it won't fall on his stupid head
Hot Dog!Hot Dog!
submitted by: KarenSue
A new twist on a weiner dog!
Alaska Surveyor RiskAlaska Surveyor Risk
submitted by: tallwill
Here's the downside of working in Alaska
A trippy IllusionA trippy Illusion
submitted by: Chris
WOW is this ever a neat illusion
 Location Location Location Location
submitted by: midnight
Who said police can live without doughnuts!
Making Cakes
submitted by: KarenSue

There was a little girl and her mother walking....
Brunette Meets Genie
submitted by: Jamie

A brunette is walking through the country...
The Caretaker
submitted by: Suzie

At dawn the telephone rings.....
submitted by: midnight

a boy was told that most adults are hiding one dark secret
I Love You
submitted by: Suzie

A married couple both 60 years old.....
Philosophical Thoughts
submitted by: Lynda

1. Never, under any circumstances...
Barbie Babies
submitted by: RockyB

Why doesn't Barbie have babies?
submitted by: Suzie

How many Irishmen ....