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iPhone Video Puzzle
submitted by: tallwill
4 iPhones synched to make a video
Remove Your Mustache
submitted by: AnnMarie
Man tries funny ways to remove his mustache
Optical Illusions
submitted by: Jamie
How many of these work for you?
Cubing Out
submitted by: robfelsnik
Reasons why you hate your job. Animated for your protection.
Worlds Best Bartende
submitted by: Marcus
Amazing bartender juggles bottle and drinkd
11 YO BBall Phenom
submitted by: Marcus
THis kid is amazing and he's only 11!
submitted by: za3ttot
Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge/Shot Glass
Heather Martin Sings
submitted by: AnnMarie
Heather Martin - When Are You Coming Home
Donald Trump FacesDonald Trump Faces
submitted by: Suzie
Donald Trump makes funny faces
Hot Dog dogHot Dog dog
submitted by: AnnMarie
Where is the mustard?
Nice Thong!Nice Thong!
submitted by: KarenSue
See even big buts can wear a thong!!
Berenstain BearsBerenstain Bears
submitted by: Suzie
What is that noise Mommy is making??
Big SnakeBig Snake
submitted by: Marcus
and edible kid!
Funny HorseFunny Horse
submitted by: Suzie
She did not want a horse...
Silly Cops...Silly Cops...
submitted by: therapist
The jokes on them!!!
The Silly CatThe Silly Cat
submitted by: Marcus
This Kitty thinks something is funny
Relationship Joke
submitted by: Marcus

Bob was in trouble. He forgot his wedding anniversary!!!!!
Bush & Bird Flu
submitted by: AnnMarie

Saying that America must take a preemtive approach to flu
Wide Stance
submitted by: William

A woman golfer suffers a nasty bee sting....
The Deal
submitted by: midnight

During the wedding rehearsal....
Stuck in the Mud
submitted by: Suzie

A horse and a chicken are walking through a field
Redneck # 2
submitted by: William

Your Fourth of July cook out was ruined because ....
New Viagra Name
submitted by: Marcus

The FDA is trying to come up with a generic Viagra name...
English Professor
submitted by: KarenSue

An English professor wrote .....