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Quadrotor MachineGun
submitted by: tallwill
Here's a flying machine gun. Like a toy with a wallop
Close CallPedestrian
submitted by: tallwill
This lady alomost gets hit. Stupid driver
Extreme Proposal
submitted by: singlemalt
Guy asks his girl to marry him - in a unique way.
Auto Robots
submitted by: KarenSue
Robots build themselves and have a mind of their own
Insane Stunt
submitted by: Marcus
Bango Performing an Insane Playoff Stunt
iPhone Video Puzzle
submitted by: tallwill
4 iPhones synched to make a video
Scarface Parody
submitted by: underwater8
spoof on scarface
Bruce Lee Ping Pong
submitted by: Chuckie
Bruce Lee plays Ping Pong with nunchucks
Brain DogBrain Dog
submitted by: Marcus
The ugliest dog that you will ever see
Pink VaderPink Vader
submitted by: midnight
Big and tuff with his hello Kitty
Banker to JanitorBanker to Janitor
submitted by: JimW
A Wall Street Banker faces a Blue Collar Future
Holy Cow!Holy Cow!
submitted by: Chuckie
Low calorie beef...
Palm PilotPalm Pilot
submitted by: Jamie
Only the redneck will understand this!
Optical Illusion #2Optical Illusion #2
submitted by: Chuckie
Focus on the dot in the center move your head backwards
Sorry IkeaSorry Ikea
submitted by: therapist
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Body art of EnglandBody art of England
submitted by: william
Check out the colorful body
The Sweet Duck
submitted by: Suzie

A duck walked into a sweet shop.....
submitted by: William

Can you imagine working for a company....
Bears in Bars
submitted by: Chris

A bear walks into a bar in Billings....
The Dentist
submitted by: KarenSue

Then there’s the woman who goes to the dentist...../
Last request
submitted by: Suzie

There was an extremely wealthy man.....
State Slogans 1
submitted by: KarenSue

Alabama: Yes, We Have Electricity
Read This Sentence
submitted by: Suzanne

Read this sentence:..
submitted by: Suzie

Husband and wife are getting all snugly in bed....